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Acceleration of a disc attached to a stick at the instant the stick is released when the stick is held horizontally?
What contour stick is best? NYX Wonder Stick or Rimmel London Insta Duo Stick?
In my hockey game I stick lifted a guy and the stick flew out of his hand, I got a 2 minute penalty but ref didn t say what for .anyone know?
Is it a penalty if you use your stick to stop the puck carrier that you are chasing by placing your stick over his with the toe of your stick on the ice and using pressure?
yes...probably because your disrupting him so it probably will be a penalty
Im buying a stick online. it says it left handed . does that mean its a lefty stick or a righty stick?
If I recall correctly the way the stick is defined left or right is variant upon which hand you use at the end of the stick. A left handed person would put their right hand on top and reverse for righty. There is no right way to wield a stick but its all about your personal comfort.
What is it called when you throw hockey puck up off the stick then spin the stick then catch on stick?
It doesn't have a name that I am aware of but it is a trick, almost like showing ability and skill as all athletes do in all sports.
When I pulled the dip stick out to check the oil the stick and the tube came up with it so what keeps the dip stick tube in place on a 1999 Honda Civic?
A single bolt that attaches to engine block will secure oil dipstick.
After using a magic memory stick for Pandoras Battery PSP can you delete the files from the magic memory stick and use it again like it's a normal memory stick also can i use 512mb.does it work vista?
Stick 'em up!
FA right to stick?
Stick with what you know best
Stick with it
Non-stick PM
Where can I use my selfie stick?
Stick Fight: The Game - Stick Fight is a physics-based couch/online fighting game where you battle it out as the iconic stick figures from the golden age of the internet
2 USB stick method. Can install tails 3.21 on one stick, but not the other to configure persistence volume... need help
WHO IS THE STICK FIGHTING CHAMPION?! | Stick Fight: The Game (Multiplayer)
Cold hands, warm stick: High school lacrosse player makes heated stick to beat icy conditions
Lacrosse is a physically demanding sport under the best conditions, but inclement weather adds frozen hands to the mix. Samantha Wolfe had enough of it and, as a 14-year-old freshman, thought, “why not make a heated stick?” Three years later, her idea has become a reality — the FingerFire lacrosse stick — and is being tested right now by teams in colder climes.
8GB of RAM installed on computer, Task Manager says 80% used, adding up up numbers in resource monitor values gets me 3178- about 80% of one RAM stick, what can I do to get my other stick to work?
Stick Insect Can Already Tell Newborn Going To Excel At Pretending To Be Stick
[27-09] @BoooooooUEFA That's your opinion . Good luck . I'll stick with #eu in an independent #scotland . You stick with #Brexit
[19-09] #RocketMan will stick--all of Trump's brands STICK. Forever. Gawd I love our President. ??
[13-01] Why do the BBC during #PMQs stick up pure Tory propaganda on the #NHScrisis while Corbyn is speaking? They don’t stick up his
[21-11] #ButchJones new slogan if he goes to Oregon State will be Beavers , Stick by Stick ! ? @ClayTravis @ZehDuck
[07-02] #coffee “Peng cradled the bowl in a fish net, attached the net to a stick, and rested the stick…
[13-12] My daughter loves playing with this mini hockey stick and in 99% sure her stick handling is better than mine…
[06-11] Ha! Stick ‘em Claire! Stick ‘em good! Right in the fleshy part of that sculpted rear of his! ? #FirstWife #outlander
[27-09] Stick to sports? Some NFL players want President Trump to 'stick to his politics' amid protest flap
[29-11] Nick Watt on #newsnight says UK gov will use carrot and stick w/Ireland. Stick is Dublin isn’t standing up for unionis
[07-01] "As much as I'd love to stick around*...I'm afraid this is where we part ways.(遊びたいのは山々だが、ここでお別れだ)" - ローマン、Ep1 *stick around=暫く待つ #RWBY
[25-12] Someone comes at me with his stick high, I'm gonna put my stick up to protect myself! If he runs his face into…
[15-12] #Stella Stick what stick?... Oh this snow covered log this is mine!
[01-11] Come try different foods on a stick & let Larry know if you’d “Stick” with it. #curbyourenthusiasm
[26-01] This is the stuff @LenBermanWOR shud stick 2! Good insight & interview! Stick to what ur good at! @Mets #JayBruce…
[15-10] ? PREVIEW: #Purdue heads to Crooked Stick on Monday for Crooked Stick Invite.#BoilerUp ??…
[15-01] Let's all thank @1future for the Stick Talk that Stick Talk. That's really why @stefondiggs did work tonight! #Skol #NFL htt
[02-10] yeah, scaring someone off because your stick's bigger than theirs always works #bbcpanorama …they come back with a bigger stick of their own
[26-11] Gagnon stick slashed out of his hands, Farmers stick slashed out of his hands, Bussieres high sticked off a face-of…
[01-12] I don’t get these #RHONJ viewers. They want Dolores to stick up for Teresa but did Teresa stick up for Dolores when…
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* En kula i huvudet hade varit mildare.
* Okej... vet ni vad⁉️ Måste berätta en sak... ”We Don’t Run From Anyone” har nu satt sig i huvudet, den är grym??? • Kolla in ?...
  • [08-02] UNC players should stick to basketball instead of dancing. Oh wait they don’t know how to do that either. #haha
  • [08-02] @TeamCanada this stick tap is for you! Let’s roll! #tapforcanada #WeAllPlayForCanada #olympics @CanadianTire
    How can I get the pointing stick buttons to work on a Dell Precision whose keyboard is missing the stick?
    I don't care about the non stick property of a non stick pot. Is there any harm in washing it in a dishwasher?
    I have this T-Fal non stick pot, and really I don't have any use for the non stick coating. I'm wondering if there's any harm in washing it in the dishwasher aside from the non-stick coating wearing ...
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    Acceleration of a disc attached to a stick at the instant the stick is released when the stick is held horizontally?

    Figure out moment of inertia I of the stick-disk mashup around an axis that passes through the end of rotation (since that's the one that matters). For the stick with axis on one end we have I_stick = (1/3)ML^2 = 3.33×10^-2 kgm^2 For a flat disk rotating around its center the moment of inertia is (1/2)MR^2 But this disk is not rotating around its center. It's rotating around an axis 0.7 m away from the center. For this we use Steiner's theorem (Steiner!!!) For two parallel axes, where one passes through center of mass and has moment I_center and the other just "I", and they are distance "d" apart, I = I_center + md^2 For the disk: I_end = (1/2)(3.0 kg)(0.2 m)^2 + (3.0 kg)(0.7 m)^2 I_end = 1.53 kgm^2 Add up. Total moment of inertia about required axis = 1.5633 kgm^2 Next we need torque. Torque is how hard a force wants to rotate something. The torque here is caused by two forces: the weight of disk and weight of stick. Since the setup is horizontal, forces act perpendicular to the line joining axis with their catching point: just multiply force*distance (otherwise we would need sine of angle too) Torque due to weight of disk = (3.0 kg)(9.8 m/s^2)(0.7 m) = 20.58 Nm Torque due to weight of stick = (0.4 kg)(9.8 m/s^2)(0.25 m) = 0.98 Nm Because 0.25 is where the center of mass is (and its own weight acts). To be honest the stick is not doing much here. Net torque = 21.56 Nm Since torque is how hard a force wants to rotate something, and moment of inertia is how hard it resists rotation, the obvious relationship is α = T/I α is the angular acceleration, how fast it's going to gain spin. (21.56 Nm) / (1.5633 kgm^2) = 13.79 rad/s^2 We can relate angular and tangential (at a point) acceleration of a spinning thing like this a = α*r r is the distance of specific point from axis of rotation. a = (13.79 rad/s^2)(0.7 m) = 9.65 m/s^2 You'll notice it's quite close to the value of gravitational acceleration. This is because the stick is short and has small mass so the situation is almost the same as if the disk were freely falling.
    What contour stick is best? NYX Wonder Stick or Rimmel London Insta Duo Stick?

    I think everyone has a different opinion on what's best, but I own the wonder stick and it's the best contour product I ever bought. NYX always has great products it's my go-to when I buy cosmetics!
    In my hockey game I stick lifted a guy and the stick flew out of his hand, I got a 2 minute penalty but ref didn t say what for .anyone know?

    If he didn't have the puck, it was interference. Also if it was quick, could have been called a slash (Yes, you can get a slashing penalty from underneath a guys stick). If you held the lift for a bit, it could have been called a hook. Otherwise, ref might have just been out to get you :)
    If what you say is absolute truth, you got jobbed. If the ref only saw you lifting the stick and it flying out of his hand, them he probably thought hooking.
    Probably either a hooking call or a slash.
    Probably interference if he didn’t have the puck.
    When the first man wielded that wooden stick, the stick was also wielding him. Cuando el primer hombre blandió aquel palo de madera, el palo también lo estaba blandiendo a él.
    The Stick was no liar, he said; it was he who had lied to them; he had let them think that this was his father's Stick.
    Eratosthenes asked himself how it could be that at the same moment a stick in Syene would cast no shadow and a stick in Alexandria, 800 kilometers to the north would cast a very definite shadow. Eratóstenes se preguntaba cómo al mismo tiempo la vara en Siena no tenía sombra mientras que la de Alejandría, 800 km al Norte proyectaba una sombra definida.
    ‘We need to stick together.’ ‘Too right!’
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