Flaky Bird (Parody)

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I stopped my cat from finishing off a bird, but it's clearly a goner. I think its neck is snapped. What should I do with the bird's body?
Bird by bird quote!!!-Anne Lamott?
Can the rescued lost bird infect my bird?
What type of bird was the bird found in Scotland which put Britain on bird flu alert?
Scotland's Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) confirmed that a Swan that was found dead on the South East Coast of Scotland in Cellardyke, Fife on April 5, 2006 tested positive for the Avian (Bird) Flu. That is the last incident in Scotland. In November 2008 the UK became officially free from avian influenza (AI), according to the rules laid down by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE). According to the UK's National Health Service website (last update 10/14/09): "Since the H5N1 strain of bird flu emerged, it has been confirmed in birds in many countries,
Is it an omen to have found a bird flying in your daughters bedroom and a bird flying in your basement on the same morning at the same time as well as a dead bird in garage on three different days?
Does flippy like flaky?
How do you get rid of flaky skin?
Your skin might be dry, so try some moisturizers. There are also some special creams that you can buy just about anywhere.
Why is a nipple flaky?
Snow Britain: Flaky days
Flaky thinking over US takeover of Cadbury
Life coach: What can I do about my flaky lips?
Parmar put in place by 'flaky' Muller after time-out
Flaky thinking from those who scream foul over Cadbury
Call me flaky if you like, but nothing is as lovely as London in the snow
What's your excuse for being flaky?
Flaky scalp? 1 month no poo.
Flaky fried cottage cheese
Guy Smarts: How to fix your dry, flaky chapped lips once and for all
You might notice them more in the winter because the dry winter air and the indoor heaters do a pretty good job of sapping out moisture from your skin. As winter approaches, you might be noticing that familiar rough, flaky texture reappear on your lips. It's uncomfortable, unattractive, and the urge to pick at them is pretty strong...
Stats on Corn Called Flaky
Stats on Corn Called Flaky Farmers and analysts are expressing fresh skepticism about Agriculture Department data on the corn market in the wake of the latest figures, which stunned traders and sent prices on another wild ride.
Do you have ‘flankles’? How to get rid of flaky winter skin
Masks, creams and oils for a more moisturised 2018
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Flaky Bird (Parody)
Video game
* Parody star Bart Baker just dropped a parody for the and Cardi B remix of ‘Finesse’. Watch here and let me know what you think.
* You can't parody me because I'm already a parody of myself #beer #dunn #thismachinekillsfascists (at Ithaca, New York)
* Baby bird Oh baby bird don’t you bat your eyes as you watch me leave we both cry but we know how it is And if this is our last goodbye know that for me it was a golden time So baby bird don’t you ever change promise me that you’ll stay the same Never give it up for the world the only thing had me loss for word that heart as soft as a baby bird
Space Shuttle related quote referring to a bird on the back of a giant bird
As I look at this amazing picture of the last flight related to the space shuttle taken by Ben Cooper, I am trying to recollect a line from some book (Science or Science fiction) that I read a long ...
Longterm protection for outdoor painted bird feeder (bird safe & environmentally friendly)?
I'm custom building some bird feeders which will be sold for a charity. They need to be safe for birds, look decent for a while, preferably be environmentally friendly. 1) What are my options for ...
Flaky Bird Parody
I stopped my cat from finishing off a bird, but it's clearly a goner. I think its neck is snapped. What should I do with the bird's body?

Hit it with the shovel - then put it in the bin You own a predator. How did you forget this?
usually, i just dump the carcasses in the trash can. i have had really good hunting cats, that bring in fresh game all of the time. it is not a "sport", it is a "survival technique"; you could learn a lot by watching your cats hunt. actually, you could have let your good little cat, good little hunter, finish eating the bird, she might have even brought you a little piece of it home. if you take it from her, she might think you ate the entire thing, and will please you by bringing them to your door. its instinct but don't worry, unless she is hungry, she won't actually hunt as much. leave her or them a bowl of dry cat food in the house with fresh water. then when that "i wish i had a little nibble" hits them when they sleep, can easier be satisfied.
-.- Let your fúcking cat do that to my pet bird, fúcker! And lets see who would have its neck snapped then-,-
Was it your cat? When i was a small child i had a gorgeous female cat. Once she caugt a bird and i tried to save itu exactly like u did and took it from my cat. I never saw that cat again- she got offended i took smth of hers. If it is your cat i hope u will see it again. Kill the bird and give it to your cat - he caught it it belongs to him. Cats are hunting creatures, for him it is normal, if u are against your cat killing birds or mice - dont let him outside. U will get bonkers entertaining him otherwise
Oh just bag it and put in in the bin, no big deal.
Kill it and put it out of it's pain and fear. It's harsh but the most selfless thing to do. We've had a nest of birds that were learning to fly but one hit an outdoor fan when it didn't yet know how to avoid things. It broke it's neck or back and was flailing around. It was clear the bird was going to die. We let it sit for awhile just to make sure it wasn't stunned, but after about an hour there was still no improvement and it's head was stuck in an upwards position while flapping around. Someone took it "around back" and destroyed it's head to kill it. Very sad and violent but it was suffering much more just leaving it there than us helping it die quickly. In my experience, anytime a cat has gotten a hold of a bird it dies fairly soon after. But if not you should consider killing it yourself to stop it from having an extended, painful and fearful death. Killing it isn't pleasant to you (or the bird) but it shortens the time it has to suffer if you're sure it's going to die anyways.
Bird by bird quote!!!-Anne Lamott?

Birds are cute
Can the rescued lost bird infect my bird?
I rescued a budgie today from outside. He is in a serperate cage than my conure. I don't know if he can infect virus to my conure if he is carrying a virus
/Technically/ speaking it depends. Are parakeets natural where you live? If not it is probably a pet, in which case you should probably look for the owner. If they are natural, you may want to let it go as it is probably wild. But if it isn't natural while you look for the owner just put it into a separate room than your bird.
I've been a little flaky lately. Últimamente he estado un poco raro.
Bird migration is a fascinating phenomenon if you like bird watching.
Australia is home to my favourite bird, the emu, a bird that cannot fly. Australia es casa a mi ave favorita, el emú, Un pájaro que no puede volar.
But worse, it's flaky. Pero lo peor es que... es escamosa.
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