Secular songs: Sagt, seid Ihr es, feiner Herr

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In the post-religious secular future, what happens if the secular values break down?
Wie sagt Mann “touch me and die” August Deutsch ?
Have you strip searched the Jews yet, Herr Groening?
Does Skillet have any secular songs?
As Skillet is a Christian rock band, most of their songs have a Christian meaning. However, Skillet's songs can also be put in a secular meaning as well. A lot of the band's songs can be turned into songs about suicide, drugs, and relationship issues. Some of these songs include: The Last Night The secular meaning of this song is that someone is about to end their life, and someone special to them tells them not to end their life because they'll always be there. Monster Monster's secular meaning is hating what you have become because of your actions. Should Have When You Could Have This song'
Mass of Notre Dame and many secular songs were written by who?
What was the outcome of feiner v New York?
A 6-3 ruling and Feiner received 30 days in prision
Does Mayor Paul Feiner of Greenburgh New York support or oppose same-sex marriage?
Mayor Feiner supports same-sex marriage and is a member of Mayors for the Freedom to Marry.
Who was William Herr?
An Inspired Writer William Herr is a contemporary author.  He is the author of Catholic Thinkers In The Clear, 1989.
Try Britain, Herr Chancellor
Shane Warne's Herr replacement
Willkommen to Britain, Herr Doktor
When was the war? The answer, Herr Mayor, is 1939-1945
Herr mail: German company to deliver our post
East Germans cross the road with herr today, frau tomorrow
Feiner Brotaufstrich: Lachs-Creme mit Frischkäse & Schnittlauch
I'm pretty sure I have synesthesia or maybe I'm just creative. Sometimes when I hear songs I see colors. Most of the times I see color to the songs that I like. An example is foster the people's album is blue but the songs are different shades of blue. S
East of Herr Von Eden
Hamburg’s premier clothier has taken fashion fabulousness to an altogether different – and better – place. 
Limitless - In The City ft. Pauline Herr
Wandel in der DDR: „Anarchie ist machbar, Herr Nachbar“
Amazon produziert "Herr der Ringe" als Serie
[02-11] Alles was #Grüne anfassen, geht zugrunde. Seid mutig, sagt nach zu #Grün! @CDU @CSU @FDP #NoJamaikaKoalition
[25-01] ?Was erlauben USA?“ sagen jetzt viele! Nur was sagt Herr @cem_oezdemir dazu? Oder ob er überhaupt was zum deutschen…
[13-01] Herr #Palmer hat recht. Herr #Neher von der #CDU nicht: nur Worthülsen und Totschlags - „Argumente“.Ist das das Niveau
[01-10] The first gay marriage certificate after the law applies in #Germany from today. ?lichen Glückwunsch, Herr Mende & Herr Kr
[05-10] Happy #WorldTeachersDay! Herr H. tops the list for inspiring adventure and passion! Pic: Herr+moody teens in Europe…
[24-12] Hallo Frau #Merkel, Herr @HeikoMaas, Herr @Ralf_Stegner und alle Freunde der ungezügelten Zuwanderung. Hier schlägt ein K
[01-10] India is secular because most Hindus are secular: Former CEC SY Quraishi #India Times - News #All Finance #United
[18-12] Das Thermometer sagt -2°Das Gefühl sagt,es ist wärmer.Im Herzen.Ein Parkplatz- und Büroblick.Let's start the p…
[03-12] Das sagt einiges aus über den Versicherungskonzern #Allianz: Axel #Springer sagt Anzeigenaktion mit deutschen Konze…
[11-12] Der #Adventskalender sagt: noch 13 Tage bis Weihnachten. Der andere Kalender sagt: Heute ist Montag. Machmal Kaffee…
[30-09] @rove_we wenn #Merkel sagt: „Ich übernehme die Verantwortung, in Gottes Namen“, dann sagt das doch alles.
[12-10] Iran sagt #UNESCO ist Zionist und Israel sagt ist unsere Feind! UNESCO ist traurig und raucht ein Zigarette ?
[02-10] Songs on songs on songs. We will be releasing our next single #RockYourBody + music video soonsies! #MusicMonday…
[23-12] #DuaLipa on not losing lyrical value when creating upbeat songs: "A lot of [my] songs are songs to dance to, but if you
[26-01] Outta 24 songs I say about 8-9 songs are fire the other songs toss them.. don’t @ me#Culture2
[13-10] Why does "Secular" sound like a mix of Sexual and Testicular to me? #tytlive
[09-12] Is for leftist to realize Christmas is secular.#WhatIWantSantaToBringMe
[10-10] Christians are peacefull now only that secular authorities are in charge.
[03-11] Danke @NetflixDE das ihr so besorgt seid ❤#TheBlacklist
Secular songs: Sagt, seid Ihr es, feiner Herr

* Ihr aber, wer sagt ihr, dass ich sei? (Mt 16,15) Der Herr Jesus Christus ist kein Produkt unserer Gedanken, sondern Der, der Er...
* Vinden river og sliter Er du kald, Herr Nansen? Snøen fyker og svir Vi går, Herr Nansen. Tåka letter, sola titter fram Vi kan se, Herr Nansen. Vinden stilner, fjellet lukkes Herr Nansen, vi skal hjem. -dudaven View On WordPress
* Herr K: Erika wie stellst du dir dein Leben in einem Jahr vor? Ich schweige und mir kommen mal wieder Tränen Herr K: Was ist dein Größter Wunsch? Ich: Ich wünsche mir nur eins.... Herr K: Was denn? Ich: Tod zu sein
Usage of „Ihr seid …“
In my journey of learning German I’ve started playing my favourite games using the German interface. In one of the games I’ve encountered the following line: Ihr seid jetzt nicht an der Tastatur: ...
»Wie ist« oder »Wie seid Ihr Name«?
Wieso sagt man »Wie ist Ihr Name?« anstatt »Wie seid Ihr Name?« Das Personalpronomen Sie (Höflichkeitsanrede) wird ja mit sind dekliniert. Aber hier wird ist benutzt. Auf welchen grammatischen Regel ...
Secular songs Sagt seid Ihr es feiner Herr
In the post-religious secular future, what happens if the secular values break down?

For secular look at Norway, Sweden, Denmark For Christian countries, look at the USA and various South American countries where crime, druggies, murder etc. is high
Then Christian values of adultery, hedonism, materialism, narcissism, relativism and the worship of power, wealth, fame, and destruction (for its own sake) will take over. They're waiting to pounce as we speak, and only secular values are holding them at bay (and just barely).
Islam steps in and takes over Already happening tbh
Secular is not the same as religionless. It's giving all beliefs equal value and freedom of expression.
Secular values don't break down because they're based on the necessity of getting along with the people around you. As long as humans are social animals there will always be secular values that enable human sociability. Rolls eyes
Secular values have already broken down!!! The conflict you see in society today has nothing to do with religion. All the shootings in schools and workplaces - not due to religion. All the domestic violence, killings of wives and children-not due to religion. The shootings of black men by police - not due to religion. Economic unequality-not due to religion. So not sure what you're talking about. I'm a Baha'i, a member of the Baha'i Faith. We believe there is only one God, that sent Buddha, Jesus, Moses, etc to humanity, now Baha’u’llah has come. hearttoheart
Secular is like your favorite word, isn't it?
They already have. Right along with the religious ones. Right now we are living by all the lies of the media and crooked politicians.
there are no secular values
Anarchy of course. Not unlike the looting and violence that goes on now during times of crisis.
Wie sagt Mann “touch me and die” August Deutsch ?

Wow... 6 readings and it's suddenly there as 'auf Deutsch' -- can't you people stop using these speech recognition things in your dumb-phones (or at least wait 50 more years until they're perfected?)
Have you strip searched the Jews yet, Herr Groening?

The OP is an example of what happens when the gene pool is left without a lifeguard.
Erm, no not yet.
It was a couch gag.
were any of the jews hot?
Then who sagt's? ¿Entonces quién sagt?
I have records with my songs, two with the songs of Edmundo Disdier, one of composer Noel Estrada, one of composer and singer Bobby Vélez, and an now a fantastic two cd production of songs by Guillermo Venegas Lloveras. He grabado tres discos con mis composiciones, dos de música de Edmundo Disdier, uno de Noel Estrada, una producción del compositor y cantante Bobby Vélez, y ahora esta fantástica producción de Guillermo Venegas Lloveras.
The vic's name is Karen Feiner. El nombre de la víctima es Karen Finer.
Ruth Feiner is here. Está aquí Ruth Feiner.
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