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Dance: Difference between Jazz, Street Jazz, and Jazz Funk?
When people say "great scott!" who is the scott they are referring to?
Kendra Scott?
What was the outcome of feiner v New York?
A 6-3 ruling and Feiner received 30 days in prision
Does Mayor Paul Feiner of Greenburgh New York support or oppose same-sex marriage?
Mayor Feiner supports same-sex marriage and is a member of Mayors for the Freedom to Marry.
The style of jazz music that combined elements of rock R and B and funk with traditional jazz?
Jazz Fusion (Apex)
What is A style of jazz music that combined traditional jazz concepts with rock R and ampB or funk was called?
Is Ella Fitzgerald classified as early jazz or cool jazz?
Ella Fitzgerald was popular during the Swing and Bebop eras. She was proficient in both. She could use her voice as an instrument like a saxophone or trumpet. She was very good at "scatting" also, which is singing using non-sense syllables.
Jimmy Scott, jazz great, dies aged 88
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Deutsch Jazz 70 : Jazz From Germany 60s 70s / Jazz aus Deutschland is a playlist on Spotify. A collection of obscure german jazz from the 70s. Curated by a jazz lover.
Christian Scott Is the Past, Present and Future of Jazz
In reimagining jazz, Adjuah is both honoring and saving it.
Feiner Brotaufstrich: Lachs-Creme mit Frischkäse & Schnittlauch
Q&A: National Jazz Museum Director on the Newly Discovered Trove of Jazz Greats
When the National Jazz Museum in Harlem announced last week that it had acquired approximately 100 hours of high-quality live radio broadcasts by giants from the swing era, something rare happened: a moment of complete accord. The museum’s executive director talks about the recordings and shares eight exclusive, never-before-heard clips from the collection.
Miho Hazama will celebrate 100 years of jazz at Tokyo Jazz Festival performance
Japanese audiences are renowned as some of the world’s most respectful listeners, but for musicians accustomed to getting more raucous receptions elsewhere, the experience can ...
Spinning this gem of a jazz album: Bill Evans is a beast of a jazz pianist.
[19-12] Ronnie Scott, Chet Baker and Tubby Hayes at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, London, circa, 1965. #Jazz
[01-12] Scott Hamilton - Scott Hamilton (1977, Concord) 伝統的なスイング・テナーのスタイルのスコット・ハミルトン、若干22歳、衝撃のデビュー・アルバム。 #jazz
[11-10] World class jazz @ foundry 616. The Craig Scott Quintet #jazz #foundry #bass @ Foundry616
[29-09] jazz piano,jazz guiter,jazz sax,jazz trumpet,jazz bass,jazzdrum,jazz vocalコースをご用意しています。体験レッスンお気軽にお申込みください♪
[20-11] Jill Scott - He Loves Me (Lyzel In E Flat) RSI JAZZ
[20-11] 八王子ジャズスクールではjazz piano,jazz guiter,jazz sax,jazz trumpet,jazz bass,jazz drumsをご用意しています
[10-11] Scott Hamilton & Bucky Pizzarelli - The Red Door #jazz #OnAir
[04-11] Sendung »Art of Jazz« John #McLaughlin & 4th Dimension, Christian #Scott, Charlie #Haden , u.a. (bis 0 Uhr).
[16-10] Later on #r4today: Jazzer Ken Clarke on his head outside Ronnie Scott's jazz club and John Redwood off his for balance. #brexitshambles
[12-11] Para una mañana soleada un tema con sabor a noche. #Jazz a todas horas. Scott HamiltonMan With a Horn
[05-10] World-class live #jazz, narration and rare archive images, combine in ‘The Ronnie Scott’s Soho Songbook’ on 12 October.
[01-10] @mdletshema present Ngomane #jazz #jazz #jazz ku Rama Madela Mbuso Dlamini eHlabathini @ukhozi_fm
[28-09] #Jazz Check out my new book JAZZ: America's Gift. "A lively … overview of jazz’s origins.”--Kirkus Reviews
[01-10] Jazz Club Bergamo All Jazz Sextet @ Jazz nelle dimore storiche, Urgnano (1.10) nell'Agenda di…
[01-10] Josephine Arthur is an up & coming jazz singer/songwriter on the London jazz scene #soulecting #jazz @josephinearthu
[03-12] Sunday afternoon Jazz @ The Grove with Adrian Ingram's Jazz Dawgs starting a 4pm #Huddersfield #Jazz
[05-10] Hey #Jazz lovers! ?The JB Jazz Club's jazz series starts tonight at @JBDukeHotel and held every Thursday until Nov.…
[25-12] Last time the #jazz where on #nbaxmas was 1997.The Jazz beat the #rockets 107-104.The Mailman lead the Jazz wi…
Scott Feiner & Pandeiro Jazz
Musical group
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* Christian Scott feat. Elena Pinderhughes - Twin El_Zarco posted this to r/Jazz at 2017-10-14 10:48:35 UTC
* Hard bop and soul jazz organist, Shirley Scott was known as ‘Queen of the Organ’. Pictured here at the 8th Street Theatre,...
Is there some way to save having paid Scott's Late Fees in Scott Pilgrim vs the World?
My boyfriend has been playing Scott Pilgrim vs the World (XBox version, if it makes a difference). He finally saved up enough cash just now to pay off Scott's Late Fees at the video store. He paid ...
Mark Levine the jazz theory versus the jazz piano book
I currently own the jazz theory book by mark levine. It's very informative and I'm sure it's gonna take me a few years to get the best out of it, but I wonder is it still worth getting the jazz piano ...
Scott Feiner amp Pandeiro Jazz
Dance: Difference between Jazz, Street Jazz, and Jazz Funk?

Of course each school might have a slight variation in this but this is generally the accepted definitions. Jazz would be classical jazz and most likely includes theater dance. Street Jazz is another name for Commercial Dance and runs along the lines of what you see in many music videos. Jazz Funk would be a combination of jazz and hip hop. It would be much more hip hop than Street Jazz which can also include some lesser hip hop elements.
When people say "great scott!" who is the scott they are referring to?

It refers to great God.
The "Scott" from 60+ years ago, since no one under 80 says that anymore.
No one. And when they say "holy crap!" they are not referring to any specific bit of crap. And "oh my stars!" does not refer to a star.
I dont know. Nobody actually says that any more. How about "Great Caesar's ghost!" ?
Scott is not a name in this case.
It originates as a minced oath, historically associated with two specific "Scotts", notably Scottish author Sir Walter Scott and somewhat later in the United States, US general Winfield Scott.
Scotty Pipin
Not the toilet paper, that stuff is the worst!
Sir Walter Scott, of course!!!
Kendra Scott?

If that was MY STORE, I punch out cards each time you buy from me. Like Starbuck's, when you've got 10 punches, you'll get your FREE. They don't expire! The more you buy, the more you get FREE items. If Kendra Scott doesn't offer that, shop elsewhere!
That's a pandeiro, a brazilian frame drum. Es un pandeiro, un tipo de tambor brasileño.
On the strength of that performance, he got himself a two-month residency at the Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club.
A smart new documentary from HBO, The Jazz baroness, captures the many sides of the jazz pianist.
Jazz is linked in the mind of marketers with affluence, but the economics of jazz have never been worse.
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