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Bjr a tous quelqu'un peut il maider a traiter un exercice ds le domaine des mines et carrière?
If simple beings have simple errors and complex beings like humans have complex errors, does that mean intelligent aliens don't exist?
Help me with a simple chem hw:(?
How can you exercice?
There are really MANY MANY MANY ways you can exercise, even breathing. You can walk, run, bike, sit-up, sit and reach, jumping jacks, jump, stretch etc. Sometimes you don't even realize you are exercising during the day!
What exercice should you do to keep body fit?
Swimming works the vast majority of the bodies muscles and is ideal for keeping toned.
If im 20 years 5 feet 5 about 140 pounds and had never trained what distance should I run daily to get back to 115 pounds and what other exercice could help me to lose the fat on the abdomen or belly?
Why do simple machines do the same amount of work to complete a task as not using the simple machine?
Solve simple investment problems using the simple interest rate method?
find the interest on $4000 at 3.5% annual interest for 1 year 6 months
Keep it simple
He was simple
Simple for Serena
simple simenon
Keep it simple and bold
Stakeholders keep it simple
The ‘Simple’ Cure for ObamaCare Isn’t All That Simple
The ‘Simple’ Cure for ObamaCare Isn’t All That Simple I think Republicans need to face the fact that if they undo the Affordable Care Act, over 13 million newly grateful Americans will not be voting for them.
Parrikar simple, Kejriwal too simple
Some simple questions from a simple person.
[StarTrek]why is making a useful medical hologram extremely difficult but creating a useful engineer hologram is as simple as Jordi summoning an interactive representation of the Enterprise D's designer with a few simple requests?
Simple Token Sale Key Data & Registration Guide – Simple Token – Medium
Simple simple little star
[04-10] Ca devait être un simple exercice en cas de séisme à #Mexico
[19-01] Evaluer le travail des #députés, un exercice très utile mais pas si simple ! #directAN
[13-12] Même pour un exercice attentat, le #SAIP se plante en ne précisant pas qu'il s'agit... d'un exercice
[27-09] [1h28] EXERCICE Fin de l’exercice de #sécurité #DuplexA86 @Prefet92 @PompiersParis @pompiers78
[10-10] Ok j’ai fait ce snap qui ai simple avec une instru simple parsque vous êtes trop con ! @Orel_san #Snapchat #Simple…
[13-11] Mon exercice de lucidité du #11Novembre, via l' @OSPFrejusToulon
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[13-01] Le #SAIP américain est pas mal non plus.Ceci n'est pas un exercice.
[17-09] 52' : Landin met en échec @mikkelhansen24 dans cet exercice à 7m (18-21) #THWPSG
[05-12] La dictée plus qu’un exercice de langue est un supplice initiatique #20hpol
[11-12] .@EmmanuelMacron se pliera à l'exercice des vœux du #31décembre, mais...
[09-11] #BriceCouturier : "#Macron voudrait dépolitiser l'exercice du pouvoir"
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[21-11] ? Exercice attentat-tuerie de masse en cours au Zénith de #Dijon
[03-10] #JaiUnMiniStressQuand on t'oblige à passer au tableau pour corriger un exercice ??
[24-12] Homemade butter, the simple frugal way - Simple Life Happy Home
[24-12] Homemade butter, the simple frugal way - Simple Life Happy Home
[01-02] We would like to applaud #JaylenBrown for reminding us that simple trumps sizzle in the game of basketball... A simple
[10-11] @JeffParshley Its simple but not simple to every One. Since #Money continuously Disturbing #HumanKind in this Planet Earth.
[23-12] Homemade butter, the simple frugal way - Simple Life Happy Home
Simple exercice

* L’exercice de tir dans un stand de Chancy (GE), auquel ont participé deux Nord-Coréens, a été organisé par un colonel de l’armée suisse, membre de l’Etat-Major général. Un premier lieutenant était également présent. Plus d’informations sur: Le Matin Suisse The post L’exercice de tir des Nord-Coréens a été organisé par un colonel appeared first on
* Il est parfois judicieux de réduire le sport pour que notre organisme puisse mieux récupérer.. Même si l’on pense n’avoir aucune raison d’interrompre notre entrainement quotidien à cause d’un simple rhume, il est judicieux d’en réduire l’intensité pour que notre organisme puisse mieux récupérer. L’exercice physique est l’une des meilleures habitudes que nous pouvons pratiquer pour prendre soin de notre santé physique et mentale. Il est très simple d’en inclure dans votre quotidien, ne… View On WordPress
* La logique complotiste : exercice pratique Affiche éditée par Richard Baldwin, 1680. Si vous avez besoin de comprendre comment peut fonctionner la logique complotiste, je vous propose un petit exercice pratique. Il s’agira de comprendre le complot papiste (Popish plot) de 1678. Dans un premier temps, lire la notice wikipédia “conspiration” et prendre le temps d’admirer la construction du quatrième chapitre “Conspirations et controverses”.… View On WordPress
When can we exercice an option?
Can we only exercice an option when it expire ? For exemple I have an Adobe option with a strike price of 87.50$ and expiring on 2016-01-15. Adobe stock have already raised above my strike price. ...
How do I translate “exercise” to French? Is “exercice” correct?
Exact question as above. When I say “exercise” it is “exercise” in the sense of physical activity for example, running, badminton, swimming, etc.
Simple exercice
Bjr a tous quelqu'un peut il maider a traiter un exercice ds le domaine des mines et carrière?

If simple beings have simple errors and complex beings like humans have complex errors, does that mean intelligent aliens don't exist?

The initial assertion is erroneous. More intelligent creatures have the CAPACITY for complex errors. Not the absolute necessity of having complex errors.
If we consider the thought behind the question then the premise of the argument is based on general observation, i.e. ‘simple things have simple errors’ and vice versa. This general observation then is used to induce even grander generalisation, i.e. therefore, ‘intelligent aliens do not exist’, by which I suppose you mean super intelligent aliens or aliens beyond a certain limit of intelligence. Despite all this, I understand what you mean, and I think the idea is worth considering and the thought worth pursuing. It is possible that too much intelligence, leading up to over-sophistication, could cause such complications that once in emergence could not be simply resolved and therefore could prove fatal. Since in the physical world everything is finite, i.e. everything exists within certain limits, contained within certain parameters, our need, use and capacity to be intelligent therefore might also be limited. It is quite possible that there is some kind of ‘safe limit’ to intelligence, for intelligence to be safely used, or to us being intelligent, beyond which it is too much to handle. Our human experience informs us that life is at its best when it is simpler and naturally spontaneous. The fact is intelligence is for the purpose of keeping life this way, simple and natural, less of a labour and more of a fun. And wherever human intelligence finds its uses other than to serve this purpose, life tends to grow complicated. For instance, this is the fact of our world that we do not always use intelligence to make life simple but to get from life as much as possible, as for our desire for wealth, power, luxury and comfort, all virtually insatiable. The world, the physical world, that is the stamping ground of our intelligence has just that much to offer. We cannot, for instance, live forever, become almighty, or constantly sustain a state of happiness, know, understand, and overpower everything – however may we want all that; this is the stuff that the best of our dreams are made on. A being more intelligent than us might have desires even strong than ours – or, on the other hand, being super intelligent it might have learnt the true meaning of life. A being more intelligent than us might have used intelligence to find peace and contentment, instead of ending up serving the wants of unbridled desires. The true question here is, what is intelligence, and what it can do for us, or to us? Is intelligence all about being able to want more and do more than that is needed or is it also about knowing how much is enough, when and where is a good time either to stop or to slow down? Is intelligence all about making life sophisticated, or is it basically to simplify life. If life is to become super sophisticated through the use of intelligence, then for what greater purpose other than keeping life natural, easily managed and simply enjoyable?
Somewhere in this universe is an alien asking the same question....
The Buddhists in India reached a very civilised level of peaceful living but were blown away by Muslim invasion and terribly violent aggression that detested pacifism. Advanced aliens would be wise to keep away from belligerent humans.
Help me with a simple chem hw:(?

Na+(aq) + OH−(aq) + H+(aq) + Cl−(aq) → Na+(aq) + Cl−(aq) + H2O(l)
Na+(aq)+Cl-(aq)+H+(aq)+Cl-(aq) -----> Na+(aq)+Cl-(aq)+H+(aq)+Cl-(aq)
General demobilization, 8th preliminary exercice. Demobilizacion general, octavo ejercicio preliminar.
She's going to help you create a diet and exercice plan so I never have to see you in here again. Ella la ayudará a crear una dieta y un plan de ejercicios así nunca tendré que verla aquí nuevamente.
Communicate the results to the employees that have participat- ed in the exercice and to the top management. Comunique los resultados a los empleados que hayan participado en el ejercicio y a la dirección de la empresa.
Ms. SAVCHENKO (Ukraine) said that approaches were needed which would lead to just and flexible solutions to conflicts that might arise from the exercice of the right of self-determination of peoples. La Sra. SAVCHENKO (Ucrania) dice que es necesario aplicar enfoques que garanticen soluciones justas y flexibles a los conflictos que pueda ocasionar el ejercicio del derecho a la libre determinación de los pueblos.
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