Disque D'or / "Pure Gold"

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Is it possible to get a door key made out of pure gold?
The British gold sovereign coin is an alloy of gold and copper having a total mass of 7.988 g, and is 22-karat gold.?
1 atom of gold weighs 3.27 x 10-13 ng. How many gold atoms are in 1.0 g of gold?
If a coin has .1867 of pure gold how many coins equal a troy ounce of gold?
What is the minimum weight of pure gold that is gilted into a Olympic gold medal?
The Olympic gold medal must be coated with no less than 6 grams of 24-carat gold.
In the past a quick test for pure gold was gold was to bite the coin or nugget. What property is this testing?
Are st gauden mini gold coins made of pure gold?
What fraction and percentage of pure gold in in a 12-carat gold ring?
Telling tales of pure gold
Why the Silver Coast is pure gold
BBC produces pure gold for a pittance
Yes with no buts, this is pure comic gold
Rowing: Langridge pure gold
Pure Gold: Holding it together as the world falls apart
Bhima Gold - Pure gold for Akshaya Tritiya
Pure Gold, Indian Bank Gold
‘This is 99.9% pure gold'
What? 99.9% pure gold?
Now, pure gold from SBI
Photo-Op: Pure Gold
Photo-Op: Pure Gold Mike O'Mahony's excellent "Olympic Visions" shows how images from the Games have influenced culture and reflected changing social relations.
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Disque D'or / "Pure Gold"
Album by Elvis Presley
* kla klo kha - pure unalloyed copper [RY] gad - emeralds ??, pure, genuine, unalloyed, rock [JV] ljang rdung - pure, unalloyed, unadulterated [IW] ‘dres lhad med - have no link/ connection/ nothing to do w, w/o additives, clean, pure, genuine, unalloyed [IW] 'bru smar - unalloyed grain of good quality [IW] gser gyi snying po - 1) unalloyed gold; 2) the earth [IW] gser gyi sbram bu - piece-gold, pieces of pure gold picked up from sand, pure & unalloyed gold [JV] gser gtso ma - unalloyed purified gold, refined gold [JV] gser bzang dri med - 1) spotless and/ or unalloyed good gold; 2) {gser bzang dri med} buddha [IW] lhad med - unalloyed [IW]
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Is it possible to braid a hat with pure gold and it still be usable?
Is there any canon indication that Galleons and Sickles are actually made of pure Gold and Silver?
A large number of questions and discussions on Wizarding economy seem to take it for granted that Galleons and Sickles are made of pure Gold and Silver respectively, but is there actually any ...
Disque Dor  Pure Gold
Is it possible to get a door key made out of pure gold?

yes you can.if you have enough money you can make it from jewelry shop.....
Sure but pure gold won't turn the locking mechanism (there are ways around that). But just inserting it in the key way will wear it down after a few uses.
yeah but probs couldnt use it
Yes you could, but would be useless as it would be too soft to work for long, plus you have more chance of losing your keys as someone will steal it.
Yes, but it seems a little futile. You'd be happier with a key made of uranium or possibly rubidium.
if you have enough money then yes
As long as you don't anticipate USING this key...just ask any jeweler to create one.
If you're really willing to pay the cost it probably is. However it would only be good as a showpiece. 24 karat (pure) gold is soft and can be twisted with your fingers so it wouldn't actually work to operate a lock.
it can be made but pure gold will be too soft. gold plate a regular key and it will be usable
Uh sure, but pure gold is very maluable. I don't think it'd last more than an attempt or two from a heavy lock.
Sure. But gold is pretty soft. It won t make a good key.
Possible? Yes. Logical? No. Practical? No. Economical? No.
Sure you can, but it is a bad idea if you actually intend to use the key. Gold is too soft for the purpose.
Yes, but it won't last long. "Pure" gold is not very strong.
sure - but why
Possible ? Yes. Practical?, no. Gold is too soft to work without bending.
Sure...but pure gold is actually a rather soft metal so the key would wear faster and there is also the possibility that the key could break inside the lock cylinder.
Yes, and wear it on your neck.
pure gold is not much hard to make a key .
No. It's not possible.
nooooooo thats extravagance make no sense
yes.very much possible.
no gold is very soft it would not work
Sure. It is useless as a key though as you can twist it in your hands...or bend it in half. So get one made out of brass which is kind of goldish in color but is much stronger and that is what most keys are made with.
Yes, but why?
The British gold sovereign coin is an alloy of gold and copper having a total mass of 7.988 g, and is 22-karat gold.?

1 atom of gold weighs 3.27 x 10-13 ng. How many gold atoms are in 1.0 g of gold?

(1.0 g Au) / (3.27 × 10^-13 × 10^-9) g/atom Au = 3.1 × 10^21 atoms Au
For example, if a gold seller has a gold ingot that is 86 per cent pure, the table will declare the sample to be 81.2 per cent pure. Por ejemplo, si un vendedor de oro tiene un lingote con una ley del 86%, la pureza de la muestra será del 81,2%, según la tabla.
For making jewelry, gold smiths normally use less pure gold alloys, which contain parts copper, silver or palladium. Para hacer joyas orfebres normalmente utilizan aleaciones de oro menos puras, que contienen también porciones de cobre, plata o paladio.
pure gold; pure water.
Is this plate pure gold?
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